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    Pool back online
    posted 06/13/2016 14:24:17 by danbi

    After fighting for a while with the Diamond wallet, we are back to operation. The lost transactions are resent as follows:

    old to amount new

    417836a76794b82e4a9530e858fa29582fd8acd298554448f2b3eec8771dbb2b dV5N7hthYdbRtbxHbbGnBg6AvwoBabc5sj 56.89733947 6f2a3ebe8494255397f2ee41e34c00a5e966e5cb6d0f9208e83bab970e6ef899

    a485c0ac24013913ecec1df6a3d50e2c945cde9476fd64f58ce59a61090ee114 dHAJ5LvCka25t27s4N8hC8c47gTYVNwGmX 13.09613246 0a9e3445a0762642595fc8ef7dcf07c3fd346f7db117d189ff84f3514b059ad0

    bef0559d6b4e8a07e0ee25d21f38dcc6e91151326e17602b7b899ddee13ff95e dYHKRMXH3CcoEUYpic3iCXBu9dkwdQRdYH 23.66029556 90f73ad2dff1f7dd2beb68facbb6afafdb000d8b8e796a9c828208140dcd25d2

    dc788bff76fcaf7ff2210b20edaec91e8f6a5e0d2d99b2a1eefa96811cba0d6f dK1sXTvi8sxiEYDEWRGAmtNU7aUoffcx1p  1.75309313 3cffbe29084e0a513d183bfd92ebdcc0ae23801961b51c9e02ca5474f352535e

    f3a83bd18c0cefa1677f5fd6126faf07bbf9ed6247d99b429945064671aba417 dH1Q1XxQmYDfbjaZTdV7RH5sQVCRxq6M2r 53.64332819 1fe7da257b8234047ac7ffaf77880390017075bcdd052d12bbd7cb20e98584f2

    The "old" value is how the pool knows/records the transaction. The "new" value is the actual transaction that ran on the real network.

    Because of severe wallet bloat, the pool has new Diamond address: dTat6hAKXHuTY5iBbC5tCVZ1pMSvhtRixr

    Another wallet update
    posted 06/12/2016 19:25:27 by danbi

    Updated pool wallet to version

    A long standing Diamond wallet bug bite us again, forcing us to rollback last  few transactions and rebuild the wallet. These will be resent manually and the transaction replacements will be posted here.

    New wallet
    posted 05/18/2016 09:30:44 by danbi

    pool wallet updated to sucessfuly. Forked blocks cleaned. Transactions will be re-issued again... some rewards might be lost as they newer happened in this network. Please check your balances.

    Wallet upgrade
    posted 05/17/2016 20:57:49 by danbi

    The pool is down for wallet upgrade

    Pool forked
    posted 01/18/2016 10:42:57 by danbi

    After running for many months without supervision the pool found itself in a fork today. Manning is suspended while we sync back to the network.

    Please report any missing transactions when it's back online.

    Network fork
    posted 04/08/2015 13:13:09 by danbi

    Pool is down due to network fork

    New Year 2015 issues
    posted 01/03/2015 22:44:39 by danbi

    We have experienced two issues recently: 

    - the pool backend scripts were stuck since New Year eve. These were restarted on 3rd Jan 2015, but... 
    - the large number of transactions generated from sending all pending earnings apparently messed up the wallet and it could not sync properly with the network In order to fix this, we have rebuilt the wallet and mining is now running ok again. 

    We should check again for any pending transactions and resend them. If you are missing any earnings, please do report them!

    MPOS update
    posted 07/15/2014 11:33:38 by danbi

    MPOS has been updated to the latest stable version. You can now disable the annoying bell on the dashboard.

    The pool is running the latest Diamond 2.0.3 wallet.

    Wallet upgrade
    posted 06/13/2014 00:30:22 by danbi

    Pool now runs the new version 2.0.2 Diamond wallet.

    Pool fully operational again
    posted 05/12/2014 01:22:35 by danbi

    As you surely noticed by now, danbi's DMD Pool is up and running with even more features.

    The week long hard work to research the problems with pool mining the new DMD has paid off and we now have fully functional pushpool and stratum pool mining.

    In order to help other people run their pools, we also published the required modifications to the sph-sgminer GPU miner and (soon) the pushpool server on GITHUB.

    Pool parameters have been adjusted to match Diamond v2.0 and we believe we have stable mining platform now. The servers on which the pool runs are not loaded, so do not worry and push it harder.

    Happy mining!

    DMD coin network stopped
    posted 04/30/2014 16:08:04 by danbi

    As the DMD network is not functional for several hours already, this pool's stratum server has been shut down to prevent people mining in vain and eventually consume less power / heat.

    The stratum server will resume operation once the network is up again.

    Payouts are also disabled to avoid confusion.

    Pool wallet updated to 1.0.4
    posted 03/14/2014 08:19:24 by danbi

    We have successfully updated the pool wallet to version 1.0.4. Happy mining!

    Pool software upgrade
    posted 01/23/2014 00:56:02 by danbi

    MPOS has been updated to the latest version, with more self-service features. Should there be problems, please do report them.

    Resolved some bugs
    posted 12/20/2013 17:51:08 by danbi

    We have resolved an serious problem with the stratum server that would lose blocks from time to time. Many more blocks should be found now. The transaction fees were also reduced to match the minimum required by the network.